SAT US History Practice Test: 09 Establishing a New Nation

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1. Around which two central figures were the Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties organized?

A. George Washington and John Adams
B. Alexander Hamilton and John Adams
C. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson
D. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
E. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

2. What was the major aim of George Washington's foreign policy?

A. To remain friendly with but neutral toward all nations
B. To support the French monarchy during the French Revolution
C. To support the revolutionaries during the French Revolution
D. To stake a claim to the Louisiana territory
E. To settle the Northwest Territory as soon as possible

3. What was the Democratic-Republican response to the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts?

A. The Treaty of Ghent
B. The Virginia and Kentucky resolutions
C. The Battle of Tippecanoe
D. The Judiciary Act
E. The Embargo Act