SAT US History Practice Test: 10 The Early Nineteenth Century

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1. All the following major changes first occurred in U.S. society between 1790 and 1825 EXCEPT:

A. More than 100,000 Americans migrated westward.
B. The Industrial Revolution changed the economy and the way people worked.
C. The Erie Canal was completed.
D. Voting rights were expanded to include white men who did not own property.
E. Political leaders began disagreeing over the question of slavery.

2. The Missouri Compromise stated all the following EXCEPT:

A. Missouri would be admitted to the Union as a slaveholding state.
B. Maine would be admitted to the Union as a free state.
C. Slavery would be outlawed north of Missouri's southern border, except in Missouri itself.
D. No future state would be admitted to the Union as a slaveholding state.
E. The balance of power in Congress would remain even, with 12 free states and 12 slaveholding states.

3. How did the invention of the cotton gin affect the South?

A. Planters divided their large plantations into smaller farms.
B. The economy boomed because one gin could do the work of 1,000 slaves.
C. Slavery began to be less profitable and started to die out.
D. Southerners began to build textile mills and make their own cloth for export and trade.
E. Southerners began building factories to manufacture more cotton gins.

4. What was the purpose of the Monroe Doctrine?

A. To support democracy all over the world
B. To ally the United States with European interests
C. To encourage Latin American revolutionaries to rise up against the European colonial powers
D. To warn European nations not to invade or colonize the western hemisphere
E. To declare American neutrality in relations between Latin America and Europe