SAT US History Practice Test: 11 Religion and Reform

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1. Who among the following did not belong to the literary community in Concord, Massachusetts?

A. Louisa May Alcott
B. Nathaniel Hawthorne
C. Bronson Alcott
D. Edgar Allan Poe
E. Henry David Thoreau

2. What happened at the Seneca Falls Convention?

A. A constitutional amendment was passed granting women the right to vote.
B. A Declaration of Sentiments listing women's grievances was signed and published.
C. A riot broke out between those who supported and those who opposed women's rights.
D. The president of the United States pledged to make women's rights a major campaign issue.
E. Newspaper articles supporting the abolition of slavery were read and discussed.

3. The rebellion of Nat Turner had all the following effects EXCEPT:

A. Fifty or sixty white people were killed.
B. The Southern states passed harsh new laws limiting the rights of slaves.
C. Southerners blamed William Lloyd Garrison and The Liberator for the uprising.
D. Nat Turner and several of his followers were hanged as criminals.
E. The rebellion inspired other successful uprisings throughout the South.

4. The Second Great Awakening gave rise to or supported all the following movements EXCEPT:

A. women's education
B. temperance
C. abolition
D. women's suffrage
E. the Whig Party