SAT US History Practice Test: 15 The Civil War, 1861–1865

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1. The Union strategy for winning the war included all the following EXCEPT:

A. dividing the Confederacy along the Mississippi River and conquering both halves in turn
B. taking control of the Mississippi so that the South could not use it for trade or communication
C. blockading Confederate ports so that no supplies or reinforcements could come in
D. capturing and killing Confederate President Jefferson Davis
E. capturing the capital city of Richmond, Virginia

2. The Union was more likely to win a war of attrition because

A. it had a larger pool of available reinforcements and could resupply its troops
B. the Confederates had not been able to march farther north than Maryland
C. the Confederate officers did not know how to fight a war of attrition
D. African Americans fought only on the Union side
E. its military leaders had no command of strategy and tactics

3. The Emancipation Proclamation, by implication, extended which of the following offers to Confederate states?

A. They could keep their slaves if they abandoned the Confederacy and rejoined the Union.
B. The war would continue until they freed their slaves.
C. The Union would pay them for their slaves if they would agree to free them.
D. The Union would surrender if they agreed to free their slaves.
E. The Confederacy could exist as an independent nation if it would build an impregnable border between its territory and that of the United States.