SAT US History Practice Test: 16 Reconstruction, 1865–1877

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1. Andrew Johnson was impeached primarily because he

A. dismissed Edwin M. Stanton from a cabinet post
B. disagreed with the congressional majority on domestic policy
C. committed high crimes and misdemeanors
D. prevented Congress from enacting any legislation that would propel Reconstruction forward
E. failed to carry out any projects that President Lincoln had planned to enact

2. Southern Democrats did all the following to bar likely Republican voters from the polls EXCEPT:

A. threatened them with violence
B. charged a poll tax they could not afford
C. made them take a literacy test they were likely to fail
D. shot them to death
E. passed laws that denied them the right to vote

3. Many active supporters of the women's suffrage movement opposed the Fifteenth Amendment because

A. the women's movement did not care about the rights of African Americans
B. white suffragists thought that their concerns were more important than those of African Americans
C. women were angry that the Fifteenth Amendment did not give them the right to vote
D. suffragists did not want African Americans to have voting rights
E. women were afraid that the Fifteenth Amendment would jeopardize their fight for women's suffrage