SAT US History Practice Test: 17 Westward Movement, 1860–1898

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1. The U.S. government insisted on moving Native Americans to reservations primarily because

A. settlers from the East were greedy for the Native Americans' ancestral lands
B. Native American hunting practices threatened the survival of the buffalo
C. Native Americans were better at farming and technology than were Americans of European descent
D. settlers from the East did not understand Native American languages
E. government authorities were afraid of a planned Native American rebellion

2. The Pacific Railway Act had all the following effects EXCEPT:

A. the arrival in California of thousands of Chinese immigrants
B. a rise in the national rate of employment
C. an increase in westward migration by people in search of jobs with the railroad
D. the sale of surplus railroad land to homesteaders
E. a decline in production in the steel industry

3. African Americans traveled west after the Civil War for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

A. to work on the railroad
B. to escape racial segregation
C. to work in the fur-trading industry
D. to mine gold and silver
E. to claim homesteads for themselves and their families