SAT US History Practice Test: 18 The Rise of Big Business and the Gilded Age, 1870–1896

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1. All the following inventions were developed during the Second Industrial Revolution EXCEPT:

A. the lightbulb
B. the telephone
C. the air brake
D. the cotton gin
E. the typewriter

2. In a dispute with owners or management, workers had all the following advantages EXCEPT:

A. There were far more of them.
B. No business could function without them.
C. They could form unions to help them survive financially during strikes.
D. Owners stood to lose substantial profits if workers refused to work.
E. They could not be replaced easily.

3. In the early 1900's, nativists supported restrictions on immigration for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

A. They did not want U.S. culture changed.
B. They did not want to learn to speak foreign languages.
C. They feared that immigrants would lower the working wage.
D. They thought immigrants might bring in ideas, values, and ways of thinking that would not fit in.
E. They feared that immigrants would take jobs away from workers born in the United States.