SAT US History Practice Test: 19 Politics and the Call for Reform, 1865–1900

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1. The settlement-house movement had all the following goals EXCEPT:

A. to train young women for careers in education or social work
B. to integrate city school systems
C. to provide a day-care center for the young children of working parents
D. to provide a social gathering place in a neighborhood
E. to offer classes in English and other subjects for children and adults

2. The Populist Party was founded with all the following goals EXCEPT:

A. to support the coinage of silver
B. to return to the gold standard
C. to push for government ownership of the railroads
D. to regulate the banks
E. to restrict immigration

3. In the late 1870s, the Republican Party was divided primarily over the issue of

A. the gold standard
B. civil-service reform
C. racial segregation
D. women's rights
E. raising taxes