SAT US History Practice Test: 20 Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Movement, 1900–1920

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1. Theodore Roosevelt believed that big business should be regulated federally primarily because

A. it was wrong for so few people to control so much money and property
B. owners would not take proper care of the welfare of their workers or customers unless forced to by law
C. businesses were not efficiently run or profitable
D. too many people bought imported goods rather than goods made in the United States
E. businesses were destroying too great a proportion of the nation’s natural resources

2. The Seventeenth Amendment, ratified in 1913, established which of the following?

A. Secret ballots in local elections
B. A direct primary
C. Direct popular election of senators
D. An eight-hour workday
E. A federal minimum wage

3. Conservatives supported environmental legislation under Roosevelt and Taft because

A. they did not want the natural resources of the United States to die out or be used up
B. they wanted a place in which to go hunting
C. they always sided with the owners in labor disputes
D. they opposed regulation of big business
E. they did not want certain rare species of birds or animals to become extinct