SAT US History Practice Test: 21 The United States Becomes a World Power

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1. The United States became an imperialist nation in the late 1800s for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

A. desire to establish new markets for U.S. goods
B. interest in acquiring naval bases in strategic locations
C. need to obtain inexpensive access to certain goods that the United States could not produce for itself, such as sugar and rubber
D. desire to put an end to tyranny in foreign nations
E. wish to be considered a powerful force in world affairs

2. By 1920 the United States had acquired partial or total control over all the following EXCEPT:

A. the Canal Zone
B. Puerto Rico
C. China
D. the Philippines
E. Guam

3. Which of the following did the Roosevelt Corollary modify?

A. The Monroe Doctrine
B. The Platt Amendment
C. The Hawaiian constitution
D. The Hay–Bunau-Varilla Treaty
E. The Open Door Policy