SAT US History Practice Test: 22 World War I and Its Aftermath, 1914–1920

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1. All of the following nations were allied with the Central Powers EXCEPT:

A. France
B. Germany
C. Turkey
D. Bulgaria
E. Austria-Hungary

2. The United States came out of World War I in a strong international position primarily because

A. it had founded the League of Nations
B. it had lost relatively few of its fighting forces and its economy was prosperous
C. it had had a successful socialist revolution
D. it was geographically isolated from Europe
E. it had dictated the terms of the Treaty of Versailles

3. The Treaty of Versailles stated all the following EXCEPT:

A. Germany would have to pay reparations to Allied nations.
B. Alsace-Lorraine would be returned to France.
C. New nations called Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia would be established.
D. Russia would be known as the Soviet Union.
E. Germany would accept total blame for the war.