SAT US History Practice Test: 23 The Jazz Age

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1. All the following characterized the 1920s EXCEPT:

A. a rise in organized crime
B. a wave of prolabor legislation
C. the development of mass entertainment
D. technological advances such as the radio
E. the rise in popularity of the automobile

2. Who were "the Untouchables"?

A. Chicago White Sox baseball players who threw the World Series in 1919
B. Organized criminals who worked for Al Capone
C. The murderers involved in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre
D. Characters in a novel by Ernest Hemingway
E. FBI detectives who worked on cases involving violations of Prohibition

3. All the following characterized the flapper EXCEPT:

A. bobbed hair
B. short skirts
C. participation in sports
D. political activism
E. cigarette smoking