SAT US History Practice Test: 24 The Great Depression

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1. All the following were contributing causes of the Great Depression EXCEPT:

A. margin buying
B. frequent fluctuations in share prices
C. widespread bank failures
D. the existence of Hoovervilles
E. widespread business failures

2. Which of the following New Deal programs was intended to ensure that no Great Depression could occur again in the future?

A. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
B. Farm Credit Administration
C. Tennessee Valley Authority
D. Public Works Administration
E. Civilian Conservation Corps

3. After they drove west from the Dust Bowl seeking work in California, most farmers

A. found good jobs and soon returned to prosperity
B. competed with thousands like themselves for poorly paid work
C. got arrested protesting unfair working conditions
D. crossed the border into Mexico to find work
E. petitioned the White House for help in fighting the growers' association