SAT US History Practice Test: 26 World War II (Part II)

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1. The Battle of the Bulge took place when Allied troops

A. invaded North Africa
B. approached Germany's western border
C. fought German troops in Italy
D. landed on the beaches of Normandy
E. fought the Japanese at Iwo Jima

2. Which of the following was among the reasons why President Truman decided to drop atomic bombs on Japan?

A. He wanted to free the Philippines from Japanese occupation.
B. He feared a Japanese invasion of the United States.
C. He believed the bombing would shorten the war and save U.S. lives.
D. He wanted to impress the British with U.S. strength.
E. He wanted to destroy every city in Japan.

3. The Potsdam Conference provided for all the following EXCEPT:

A. the division of Germany into four occupied zones
B. the payment of reparations to the Allies
C. the reorganization of the Soviet government
D. the acknowledgment that Poland could keep the German territory it had claimed
E. the conversion of the German economy to agriculture and light industry.