SAT US History Practice Test: 28 The New Frontier and the Civil Rights Movement

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1. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 had all the following provisions EXCEPT:

A. It banned racial, gender, religious, and ethnic discrimination in employment.
B. It removed certain voter-registration restrictions.
C. It made segregation illegal in all public places.
D. It allowed the federal government to sue public schools that did not desegregate.
E. It integrated the federal government and the armed forces.

2. The Cuban missile crisis ended when

A. the Soviets agreed to withdraw their missiles from Cuba if U.S. missiles were withdrawn from sites in Turkey
B. President Kennedy ordered the U.S. Navy to turn back Soviet ships headed for Cuba
C. a CIA-sponsored invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles was defeated at the Bay of Pigs
D. President Kennedy was assassinated
E. the East German government built a wall around the perimeter of West Berlin

3. All the following characterized the civil rights movement EXCEPT:

A. advocating legislation that would outlaw segregation
B. nonviolent demonstrations
C. sit-ins at segregated lunch counters and restaurants
D. police brutality against civil rights marchers
E. violent attacks on segregated restaurants and other public facilities