SAT US History Practice Test: 29 The Great Society

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1. All the following are programs of the Great Society EXCEPT:

A. the National Organization for Women
B. Head Start
C. the Corporation for Public Broadcasting
D. Medicare
E. Medicaid

2. A major achievement of the civil rights movement in the 1960s was

A. equality in pay for white and African-American workers doing the same jobs
B. a huge increase in the number of African-American voters in the South
C. equal access to higher education for African Americans
D. appointment of African Americans to leading posts in major corporations
E. election of African-American majorities in state legislatures

3. President Johnson called for a voting rights bill in 1965 after

A. Martin Luther King., Jr., was assassinated
B. he defeated the Republican Barry Goldwater in a landslide election
C. Betty Friedan and others formed the National Organization for Women
D. racial disturbances broke out in Detroit and Los Angeles
E. a protest march let by Martin Luther King, Jr., was met with violence