SAT US History Practice Test: 31 Watergate and Its Aftermath

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1. Nixon's foreign policy of détente was meant to improve relations between the United States and

A. North Vietnam
B. Cambodia
C. Taiwan
D. China
E. the Soviet Union

2. The "energy crisis" of 1973 started when

A. Arab countries refused to ship petroleum to countries friendly to Israel
B. Congress refused to authorize oil drilling in Alaska
C. oil reserves in Texas and Oklahoma began to run dry
D. the public refused to support the building of nuclear power plants
E. the United States decided to end all imports of foreign petroleum

3. The Watergate burglars were

A. newspaper reporters investigating a crime story
B. FBI agents looking for evidence of wrongdoing by Nixon
C. thieves looking for money in the Democratic Party offices
D. operatives in the pay of Nixon's reelection committee
E. Democratic Party members looking for evidence to discredit Republicans