SAT US History Practice Test: 33 The 1990s and the Early 21st Century

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1. President Bill Clinton suffered defeat in Congress when he

A. sought to reform the nation's largely private system of health-care insurance
B. attempted to reduce the federal government's financial deficit
C. tried to impose strict requirements on recipients of public assistance
D. sought passage of an act requiring corporations to provide workers with unpaid leave to cope with family medical emergencies
E. chose Senator Al Gore to be his vice president

2. The presidential election of 2000 was decided when

A. a recount of votes in Florida showed that Bush had won the popular vote
B. a recount of electoral votes was ordered by the Supreme Court
C. a vote recount in Florida was barred by the Supreme Court, effectively making Bush president
D. a recount of the popular vote nationwide showed that Gore was the loser
E. Republicans agreed to permit a recount of the popular vote in Florida

3. The Bush administration launched the war in Iraq in 2003 in alliance with

A. the United Nations Security Council
B. Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries
C. Germany, France, and other major U.S. allies
D. Great Britain, along with token forces from several smaller countries
E. no other countries or international organizations

4. At the start of his term, President Barack Obama faced all the following challenges in office EXCEPT:

A. a housing and mortgage crisis
B. flood relief for the city of New Orleans
C. a war in Iraq
D. a crashing stock market
E. soaring unemployment