SAT US History Practice Test 1: The Meeting of Three Peoples

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1. Which of the following events occurred LAST?

A. Establishment of St. Augustine
B. Establishment of Jamestown
C. Establishment of Quebec
D. Signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas
E. Discovery of America by Columbus

2. The most compelling reason for European exploration in the 1400s was the

A. desire to Christianize new lands.
B. increased need for labor.
C. need for new lands to support growing populations.
D. desire for an all-water route to the East.
E. desire for religious freedom.

3. The exploration of the New World

A. led to the rise of capitalism.
B. provided the raw materials needed for the New World to further its development.
C. provided markets for goods produced in the Americas.
D. allowed for excess African population to be sent to the New World.
E. ended the economic system known as mercantilism.

4. The first permanent European settlement in the territory that would become the United States was

A. Plymouth.
B. Jamestown.
C. St. Augustine.
D. Santa Fe.
E. New Amsterdam.