SAT US History Practice Test 4: The American War for Independence

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1. The British government countered the colonists' argument that they were not represented in Parliament and, therefore, could not be taxed by Britain, with the idea of

A. actual representation.
B. virtual representation.
C. divine right rule.
D. mercantilism.
E. a classed society.

2. The French and Indian War, which ended in 1763, was significant because it

A. removed the Native American threat from the colonies.
B. severely drained the British treasury.
C. opened up new lands west of the Mississippi River.
D. gave Florida to France.
E. signaled a shift in the British policy of salutary neglect to one of British involvement in the affairs of the colonies.

3. The Intolerable Acts passed in 1774

A. affected all the colonies in British North America.
B. affected only the city of Boston.
C. resulted in the suspension of the charter of Massachusetts.
D. led to Shays's Rebellion.
E. were a direct result of the Townshend Acts.

4. Thomas Paine's pamphlet, Common Sense, was significant because it

A. outlined the reasons for the ratification of the Constitution.
B. outlined the reasons colonial independence from Great Britain was a logical step for the colonies to take.
C. was rejected by the colonists as a piece of propaganda.
D. stated a belief in democracy.
E. was written by a high-ranking British official who supported colonial independence.