SAT US History Practice Test 5: Experiments in Government

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1. One of the challenges facing the delegates to the Constitution Convention in 1787 was

A. where the seat of government was to be located.
B. the role of the cabinet in the executive branch of government.
C. the fear of military rule to control the mobs.
D. the need to balance governmental powers and states' rights.
E. the need to crush Shays's Rebellion and other similar protests that had been occurring at the time.

2. One of the most notable achievements of the Articles of Confederation was its

A. ability to enforce the laws of the land.
B. legislation concerning the settlement of the territories acquired from Great Britain at the end of the Revolutionary War.
C. ability to deal with foreign and domestic commerce.
D. the establishment of a system of checks and balances.
E. the flexibility it built into the government by the simple amending process that it established.

3. To convince the states to ratify the Constitution, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay wrote

A. the Bill of Rights.
B. the Northwest Ordinance.
C. The Federalist Papers.
D. the pamphlet Common Sense.
E. the Great Compromise.

4. Which statement best characterizes the attitude of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention toward the issue of slavery?

A. The delegates were indifferent to the issue of slavery.
B. The delegates recognized the need for the expansion of slavery as the nation grew.
C. The delegates treated slavery as a political issue because it threatened the unity of the nation.
D. There was a deep concern among the delegates for the plight of the African slave.
E. The Southern states viewed their role with regard to the slaves as a paternalistic one.