SAT US History Practice Test 6: The Federalist Era

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1. Washington's administration was significant because it

A. dealt successfully with the problems between England and France.
B. dealt effectively with political parties.
C. was the first administration and, thus, set precedents for future administrations.
D. supported the British after the French declared war on Great Britain in 1793.
E. established a strong political base for the Democratic-Republicans.

2. All of the following were part of Hamilton's financial program EXCEPT

A. the establishment of the capital of the United States in Washington, D.C.
B. the funding of the domestic and foreign debt of the United States.
C. the assumption of state debt.
D. the levying of excise taxes and tariffs.
E. the establishment of the Bank of the United States.

3. In his "Farewell Address," delivered in 1796, George Washington counseled the United States to

A. choose sides carefully in the conflict between England and France.
B. build a strong Navy.
C. remain neutral when it came to conflict in Europe.
D. support England in the conflict with France.
E. support John Adams and his incoming administration.

4. Thomas Jefferson's objection to the Bank of the United States centered around his belief in

A. loose construction of the Constitution.
B. implied powers.
C. the idea that the Bank favored the wealthy Southern planters.
D. nullification of federal laws by the states.
E. strict construction of the Constitution.