SAT US History Practice Test 7: The Republicans in Power, 1800–1824

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1. The election of 1800 has often been termed the "Revolution of 1800." This refers to the fact that it

A. marked the first election of a non-Virginian to the presidency since the establishment of the Constitution.
B. was a peaceful transition of the control of the presidency from a Federalist to a Democratic-Republican.
C. changed the process of electing the president.
D. resulted in the election of the first non-Christian to the presidency.
E. was the first election in which the western section of the country was very influential.

2. The Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison (1803) was significant because it

A. gave more power to the Republicans.
B. established the right of the federal government to control interstate commerce.
C. supported the doctrine of states' rights.
D. gave the states the power to control interstate commerce.
E. established the court's power of judicial review.

3. The Missouri Compromise (1820) provided for all of the following EXCEPT

A. the extension of slavery into the Northwest Territory.
B. for Missouri's entrance into the Union as a slave state.
C. for Maine's entrance into the Union as a free state.
D. that there was to be no slavery north of the 36° 30' north latitude line.
E. that slavery was to be permitted south of the 36° 30' north latitude line.

4. The Monroe Doctrine

A. was enforced by England.
B. created a sphere of influence for the United States in the Western Hemisphere.
C. expelled all European nations from the Western Hemisphere.
D. reiterated the U.S. policy of involvement in world affairs.
E. was part of the American System proposed by Henry Clay.