SAT US History Practice Test 8: Jacksonian Democracy, 1824–1836

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1. The Whigs were

A. a Northern party.
B. a Southern party.
C. a pro-Bank party.
D. a pro-nullification party.
E. a pro-Indian removal party.

2. Who accused John Quincy Adams of making a "corrupt bargain"?

A. Henry Clay
B. Daniel Webster
C. William Crawford
D. Andrew Jackson
E. James Monroe

3. Who did not support the idea of nullification?

A. John C. Calhoun
B. Thomas Jefferson
C. James Madison
D. Robert Hayne
E. Daniel Webster

4. A tariff would protect

A. cloth made in New England.
B. cloth made in England.
C. cotton grown in the South.
D. wheat grown in the West.
E. corn grown in New England.