SAT US History Practice Test 9: Growth, Slavery, and Reform, 1800–1850

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Time 3 minutes

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1. The Erie Canal connected

A. North to South.
B. Midwest to South.
C. Northeast to West.
D. Southeast to West.
E. Southeast to Northeast.

2. Match the reform to the reformer.

V) Mental institutions

W) Abolitionism

X) Suffrage

Y) Education

Z) Religion

1) William Lloyd Garrison

2) Charles Grandison Finney

3) Horace Mann

4) Dorothea Dix

5) Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Answer choices:

A. V-4, W-1, X-3, Y-2
B. V-3, X-5, Y-4, Z-2
C. V-4, W-1, X-5, Z-2
D. W-1, X-5, Y-2, Z-4
E. W-5, X-1, Y-2, Z-4

3. In the South,

A. all whites held slaves.
B. slaves told each other Bible stories.
C. slaves rarely ran away.
D. there were no free blacks.
E. all slaveholders were rich.

4. The cotton gin

A. produced cotton cloth faster.
B. planted cotton seeds faster.
C. was a curse to the planters.
D. allowed cotton to be grown profitably further North.
E. allowed cotton to be grown profitably further West.