SAT US History Practice Test 10: Expansion, Conflict, and Compromise, 1820–1850

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1. The Irish

A. settled in cities.
B. became farmers.
C. were skilled workers.
D. were Protestants.
E. were highly educated.

2. The gag rule was favored the most by

A. Northerners.
B. Southerners.
C. Whigs.
D. Democrats.
E. Anti-Masons.

3. Manifest Destiny involved

A. slavery.
B. anti-slavery.
C. tariff protection for New England manufacturing.
D. expansion to the west.
E. Native American rights.

4. David Wilmot, author of the Wilmot Proviso (1846), was a congressman from

A. California.
B. South Carolina.
C. Pennsylvania.
D. North Carolina.
E. Kansas.