SAT US History Practice Test 11: Slavery and the Road to Disunion, 1850–1861

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Time 3 minutes

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1. Place these events in chronological order:

I. Kansas-Nebraska Act

II. Missouri Compromise

III. secession

IV. Bleeding Kansas

V. Uncle Tom's Cabin published

Answer choices:

A. II, V, IV, I, III
B. III, II, I, IV, V
C. V, IV, I, II, III
D. II, V, I, IV, III
E. V, I, II, III, IV

2. Which position had the most unpredictable outcome?

A. No extension of slavery to the west
B. Supporting a national slave code
C. Popular sovereignty
D. Immediate abolition
E. Gradual abolition

3. The Know-Nothings were

A. pro-immigrant.
B. anti-immigrant.
C. supported by slaveholders.
D. supported by Catholics.
E. supported by the Ku Klux Klan.

4. Why did the Southern states secede after the election of 1860?

A. They were attacked.
B. The tariff was too high.
C. They wanted to preserve slavery.
D. Virginia encouraged them.
E. They had lost Missouri.