SAT US History Practice Test 13: Reconstruction and Its Aftermath, 1865–1896

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1. The Freedman's Bureau was established to

A. help former slaves find jobs and protect them from discrimination.
B. help African Americans win election to public office.
C. help rebuild the transportation networks of the South.
D. protect African Americans from scalawags and carpetbaggers.
E. help former slave owners get back on their feet economically after Emancipation.

2. Under the terms of the Compromise of 1877, Republicans maintained control of the White House and agreed to

A. transfer large sums of money to the Democratic Party.
B. withdraw federal troops from the South.
C. push for passage of the 15th Amendment.
D. give Democrats control of Congress.
E. raise tariff rates on imported goods.

3. The Reconstruction Act of 1867 required that the former Confederate states, in order to gain readmission to the Union,

A. ratify the 14th Amendment and guarantee African American men the right to vote.
B. end slavery.
C. imprison former Confederate government officials.
D. have 10 percent of their people sign a loyalty oath to the Constitution of the United States.
E. nullify Jim Crow laws.

4. Pick the correct order for the following events:

W) Rutherford B. Hayes becomes president.

X) The South surrenders to end the Civil War.

Y) The act establishing Radical Reconstruction is passed.

Z) The Emancipation Proclamation is issued.

Answer choices:

A. X, Z, Y, W
B. W, Z, X, Y
C. Z, X Y, W
D. Z, Y, X, W
E. X, Y, W, Z