SAT US History Practice Test 16: Society and Culture in the Gilded Age, 1865–1900

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Time 3 minutes

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1. Pick the choice that matches the author with the book he or she wrote.

X) Stephen Crane

Y) Willa Cather

Z) Henry James

1) My ántonia

2) The House of Mirth

3) The Bostonians

4) The Red Badge of Courage

Answer choices:

A. X-4; Y-2; Z-1
B. X-2; Y-1; Z-3
C. X-4; Y-1; Z-3
D. X-3; Y-2; Z-4
E. X-2; Y-1; Z-4

2. The "new immigrants" of the late 19th and early 20th century were primarily

A. Anglo-Saxons.
B. Irish refugees from the potato blight.
C. from within the Western hemisphere.
D. Eastern and Southern Europeans.
E. exiles leaving the United States.

3. Pick the answer that matches the person with the idea or movement he or she is associated with.

X) Charles Graham Sumner

Y) Jane Addams

Z) Andrew Carnegie

1) the gospel of wealth

2) social Darwinism

3) pragmatism

4) the settlement house movement

Answer choices:

A. X-1; Y-2; Z-3
B. X-2; Y-3; Z-4
C. X-2; Y-4; Z-1
D. X-3; Y-4; Z-1
E. X-3; Y-1; Z-2

4. Urban political machines during the Gilded Age

A. were scorned by immigrant groups, who were cheated by graft and corruption.
B. were usually associated with the Republican Party.
C. often formed alliances with the Women's Christian Temperance Union.
D. often provided a social safety net in an age when welfare did not yet exist.
E. were eliminated by the Pendleton Act.