SAT US History Practice Test 23: Politics and Society in the 1930s

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1. Which of the following organizations, born in the 1930s, focused on organizing unskilled workers?

A. Congress of Industrial Organizations
B. Industrial Workers of the World
C. Knights of Labor
D. American Federation of Labor
E. Communist Party

2. Pick the answer that correctly matches the artist and the cultural product he or she created:

X) John Steinbeck

Y) Frank Capra

Z) Margaret Mitchell

1) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

2) The Good Earth

3) The Grapes of Wrath

4) Gone With the Wind

5) Waiting for Lefty

Answer choices:

A. X-2; Y-4; Z-5
B. X-3; Y-2; Z-4
C. X-5; Y-2; Z-2
D. X-3; Y-4; Z-1
E. X-3; Y-1; Z-4

3. Sit-down strikes proved to be a successful strategy for some unions in the 1930s primarily because they

A. were enthusiastically supported by the Roosevelt administration.
B. prevented damage to company property.
C. prevented the factory owners from carrying on production with strikebreakers.
D. tended to gain public sympathy.
E. were protected by federal legislation.

4. The National Industrial Recovery Act and the Wagner Act both dealt with the issue of

A. the government's right to set price controls.
B. employers' rights to exclude women from their workforce.
C. workers' rights to organize unions.
D. states' rights to regulate interstate trade.
E. corporations' rights to cooperate in setting industrywide standards.