SAT US History Practice Test 24: World War II: From Neutrality to Hiroshima, 1936–1945

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1. The Washington Conference, held in 1921, resulted in

A. an undermining of the authority of the United Nations.
B. treaties of disarmament among Great Britain, Japan, and the United States.
C. an end to Japanese aggression in China.
D. the development of the Stimson Doctrine.
E. the rise of Mussolini in Italy.

2. The United States demonstrated its support for the Allies before it entered World War II by

A. the announcement of the Stimson Doctrine.
B. its reaction to the sinking of the Panay by Japan.
C. the adoption of the policy of Lend-Lease.
D. its participation in the League of Nations.
E. its participation in the Washington Conference in 1921.

3. All of the following were principles outlined in the Atlantic Charter by FDR and Winston Churchill EXCEPT

A. freedom of the seas.
B. self-determination.
C. disarmament.
D. the destruction of Nazi tyranny.
E. territorial aggrandizement by Great Britain and the United States.

4. Which of the following was a result of the Munich Pact of 1938?

A. The rise of Franco in Spain
B. The nonaggression treaty signed between the USSR and Germany in 1939
C. The German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939
D. V-E Day
E. The Atlantic Charter