SAT US History Practice Test 25: The Cold War, 1945–1963

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1. NATO was formed primarily to stop the spread of Communism in

A. Asia.
B. Europe.
C. South America.
D. Africa.
E. the Middle East.

2. In the years after World War II, President Truman's foreign policy was focused chiefly on

A. nuclear testing.
B. economic growth in underdeveloped countries.
C. containment of international communism.
D. diplomatic relations with Eastern European nations.
E. creation of cultural links with Red China.

3. The reaction by Western Europe to the Berlin blockade was the

A. invasion of East Germany.
B. threat to increase nuclear arms.
C. use of spy satellites.
D. boycott of Soviet goods.
E. Berlin airlift.

4. For Western Europe, the Marshall Plan provided

A. military assistance.
B. cultural links.
C. technology.
D. economic aid.
E. medical goods and equipment.