SAT US History Practice Test 27: The Kennedy and Johnson Years

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1. Which of the following is associated with the Kennedy administration?

A. Medicare
B. Medicaid
C. Alliance for Progress
D. The 24th Amendment

2. Baker v. Carr was concerned with

A. the Bill of Rights.
B. presidential succession.
C. criminal rights.
D. the poll tax.
E. legislative reapportionment.

3. Who of the following proposed that the nation declare a "war on poverty"?

A. John F. Kennedy
B. Richard Nixon
C. Barry Goldwater
D. Lyndon B. Johnson
E. Earl Warren

4. According to the Immigration Act of 1965, the main criteria for admission to the United States would be an applicant's

A. gender.
B. race.
C. country of origin.
D. occupation.
E. education.