SAT US History Practice Test 32: The Triumph of Conservatism, 1980–1992

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1. Ronald Reagan was called the Great Communicator because

A. he always told the truth.
B. he memorized his speeches.
C. he connected with people.
D. he had been an actor.
E. it was his nickname as a radio announcer.

2. Supply-side economics was designed to

A. increase demand by cutting taxes.
B. provide more goods and services.
C. provide money for new business investment by cutting taxes.
D. make government grow.
E. cut the size of the government.

3. Who did not vote for Bush in large numbers in 1988?

A. Southerners
B. Women
C. Those with high incomes
D. Residents of Maine
E. Reagan Democrats

4. Which issue is least emphasized by "family values" advocates?

A. Abortion
B. Stay-at-home mothers
C. Religion
D. Homosexuality
E. Education