SAT US History Practice Test 33: America at the Turn of the Century

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1. Bill Clinton's presidency was marked by

A. a period of prosperity for the nation.
B. an absence of political dissension between the Republicans and the Democrats.
C. peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
D. an isolationist foreign policy.
E. the passage of the Contract with America.

2. The people of the United States demonstrated their disapproval of Clinton's first two years in office by

A. holding demonstrations in Washington to express their displeasure.
B. appointing a special counsel to investigate Bill Clinton.
C. electing Republicans to Congress in 1994.
D. electing New Democrats to Congress in 1994.
E. impeaching Bill Clinton.

3. Bill Clinton supported free-trade policies by signing the

A. free-trade agreement with France.
B. North American Free Trade Agreement.
C. Dayton Accord.
D. order imposing sanctions on Japanese trade with the United States.
E. agreement to establish multinational companies.

4. The Election of 2000 was significant because

A. the Supreme Court of Florida decided the election.
B. Katherine Harris, a Democrat, validated the election.
C. Al Gore won more popular votes than George W. Bush but lost the election.
D. Jeb Bush, the brother of George W. Bush, was governor of Florida.
E. George W. Bush was the first son to follow his father into the presidency.