SAT World History Practice Test 2: The Great Empires

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1. During the first Punic War, the Romans were MOST interested in acquiring Sicily because it

A. offered an array of natural resources
B. could serve as a strategic military base
C. would allow Rome to avenge civilian losses
D. would increase Rome's ability to trade with the East
E. could serve as a key location in a Carthaginian invasion of Italy

2. The Battle of Thermopylae was key to Athenian victory in the Persian War because it

A. prevented the Persians from reaching and sacking Athens itself
B. wiped out a large portion of the Persian army before it reached Athens
C. delayed the Persians' approach and gave the Athenians time to prepare
D. eliminated the Persian navy and forced them to rely on a land attack
E. weakened Persian morale and left the soldiers unwilling to fight

3. Who split the Roman Empire into two halves?

A. Augustus
B. Diocletian
C. Julius Caesar
D. Constantine
E. Marc Antony

4. Usage of the Silk Roads for trade declined near the end of the Han dynasty primarily due to

A. economic conditions that made long-distance trade too expensive
B. constant warfare that made roads unsafe for travel
C. a decrease in the demand for silk goods in the Mediterranean
D. a devastating shortage of Chinese silk
E. epidemic disease that traveled along the roads and decimated the population

5. During the Dorian period, Greece experienced food shortages as the result of a

A. period of unusually warm and dry weather conditions
B. decrease in trade with other Mediterranean cultures
C. long-term agricultural blight that damaged crops
D. trend of immigration out of the Greek mainland
E. war with Persia that used significant resources