SAT World History Practice Test 3: The Middle Ages

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1. When the Mongols took control of China and established the Yuan dynasty, they did all of the following EXCEPT

A. build their own communities separate from the Chinese
B. adopt the Chinese form of centralized government
C. attempt to invade Japan and Southeast Asia
D. establish a new version of the civil service exam
E. allow for greater religious freedom

2. The invasion of the Byzantine territory by the Seljuk Turks led to a weakening of the Byzantine Empire, primarily due to

A. the political unrest and civil war that spread throughout the empire
B. a reduction in both food supply and the ability to collect taxes
C. a disruption of trade with other Mediterranean cultures
D. a widespread religious upheaval and Islamic conversion
E. the outbreak of epidemic disease that decimated the population

3. In the ninth century, the Vikings invaded other European communities primarily to

A. decide territorial disputes
B. incite religious fervor
C. resolve food shortages
D. establish trade embargoes
E. cause economic distress

4. The reemergence of trade brought about by the Crusades was mainly facilitated through the shipping ports of which country?

A. France
B. Spain
C. Greece
D. Portugal
E. Italy

5. Which of the following statements about how the Maya and the Aztec were similar is INCORRECT?

A. They both had a three-tiered social class system.
B. They both practiced ritual human sacrifice.
C. They both occupied part of the Yucatán Peninsula.
D. They both were conquered by the Spaniards.
E. They both were made up of a collection of city-states.