SAT World History Practice Test 4: Renaissance, Reformation, and Exploration

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1. Which factor was MOST responsible for the collapse of the Mughal Empire?

A. Enemy invasion
B. Religious unrest
C. Economic distress
D. Peasant revolts
E. Succession disputes

2. The Northern Renaissance MOST differed from the Italian Renaissance in that it

A. failed to significantly emphasize the visual arts
B. placed greater importance on religious devotion
C. largely rejected the concept of humanism
D. did not increase the prevalence of secularism
E. increased dissonance among Christians

3. Who developed and taught the doctrine of predestination?

A. John Knox
B. Martin Luther
C. Ulrich Zwingli
D. John Calvin
E. Thomas More

4. Portugal's MAIN motivation for seeking an alternate route to the East was to

A. establish a direct trading relationship with China
B. compete with Spain and its holdings in the New World
C. end the Italian and Muslim dominance of trade
D. lay claim to all trade rights in the Indian Ocean
E. begin colonizing key areas of Southwest Asia

5. The Seven Years' War was MOST beneficial for which nation?

A. Britain
B. France
C. Russia
D. Spain
E. Italy