SAT World History Practice Test 5: The Age of Revolutions

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1. Which of these was part of the French National Assembly's initial plan for government reform?

A. Constitutional republic
B. Dictatorship
C. Limited monarchy
D. Absolute monarchy
E. Democracy

2. The Bill of Rights signed by William and Mary prevented the English monarch from doing all of the following, EXCEPT

A. interfering with freedom of speech in Parliament
B. levying taxes without legislative approval
C. suspending any law passed by Parliament
D. refusing to hear grievances made by citizens
E. imprisoning subjects without due cause

3. The Louisiana Purchase provided France with significant funding for

A. rehabilitating the economy after Louis XVI's extravagant spending
B. establishing a new republican government following the failure of the previous one
C. overthrowing the monarch and starting a new government under the Jacobins
D. financing Napoléon's campaign to conquer Europe and build a French Empire
E. rebuilding the nation after the defeat at the Battle of Waterloo

4. Simón Bolívar was MOST interested in leading revolutions against Spain in the Americas because he wanted to

A. rule the entire region as a dictator
B. establish a unified Latin American state
C. force the Spanish into North America
D. isolate the region from outside influences
E. transfer colonial control from Spain to France

5. In taking the Tennis Court Oath, the National Assembly vowed to

A. establish a republican government
B. overthrow the oppressive monarchy
C. boycott all unfair taxes
D. write a new state constitution
E. install a military dictatorship