SAT World History Practice Test 8: Post-World War II

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1. What is the primary reason the Soviet Union installed communist regimes in Eastern Europe after World War II?

A. To prevent the spread of democracy
B. To insulate itself from the West
C. To take control of trade in the region
D. To increase its supply of natural resources
E. To help spread communism through Europe

2. Why did the Korean War ultimately end in a stalemate?

A. Because UN forces were unable to penetrate North Korean territory
B. Because the South Korean government was not supported by the Korean people
C. Because Soviet forces threatened to enter the battle on North Korea's behalf
D. Because the Chinese entered the war and forced UN troops to retreat
E. Because the North Koreans did not have the resources to take South Korea entirely

3. In response to Ho Chi Minh's victory over the French in 1954, the Geneva Conference

A. formally condemned Ho and called for his removal
B. recognized Vietnam as an entirely independent nation
C. split Vietnam into a communist north and democratic south
D. enacted international economic embargoes against Vietnam
E. petitioned the United Nations to send troops to restore French control

4. The war that followed the formation of the Jewish state of Israel resulted in all of the following, EXCEPT

A. Israeli control of the West Bank
B. the establishment of Palestinian refugee camps
C. Israeli seizure of land intended for the Palestinians
D. Egyptian control over the Gaza Strip
E. Israeli victory over Arab forces

5. Mikhail Gorbachev's policy of perestroika was an attempt to stabilize the Soviet Union by

A. encouraging discussion about government
B. reducing political corruption
C. restructuring the economy
D. allowing more foreign trade
E. promoting the further spread of communism