SAT World History Practice Test 9: A Globalized World

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Time 3 minutes

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1. Which of these has been the MOST important factor in the rise of globalized trade?

A. Increase in world population
B. Emergence of multinational corporations
C. Decline in regional national resources
D. Breakdown of protective tariffs
E. Enhancement of communications technologies

2. The Declaration of Human Rights issued by the United Nations in 1948 explicitly stated that all human beings have the right to

A. freedom, equality, and justice
B. life, liberty, and security of person
C. liberty, self-governance, and protection of the law
D. freedom, security, and religious tolerance
E. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

3. Which terrorist incident was the first to receive major mainstream media attention?

A. Oklahoma City bombing
B. Iran hostage crisis
C. Israeli athletes at Munich
D. First World Trade Center bombing
E. September 11, 2001

4. Which of these is the MOST significant cause of global warming?

A. Global overpopulation
B. Increased urbanization
C. Nuclear energy
D. Burning of fossil fuels
E. Widespread deforestation

5. In 1997 the United Nations attempted to address the issue of global warming by

A. producing a treaty meant to help control greenhouse gases
B. conducting its own independent study of the phenomenon
C. asking industrial leaders to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions
D. encouraging the development of alternative energy sources
E. launching a worldwide global-warming awareness campaign